2021 Summer Interns:

25 August ,2021

In the summer of 2021, Savantas Policy Institute recruited two undergraduate students as interns. During the internship, the students finished a research report on community parks titled “Initial Proposals on Integrating Creative Themes for Community Parks”.


The starting point of this research is the fact that Hong Kong has a large population with limited usable land, the urban area is full of sky scrapers and green space is especially scarce. 43 major parks have been built in Hong Kong’s 18 administrative districts to provide adequate green space and leisure facilities for citizens to relax or other recreational use. However, some feel that the environment and facilities of certain community parks are outdated and lack contemporary spirit, even fall short of making good use of available space. Therefore, those parks are not popular in the community. Since the advent of the Covid-19 pandemic, Hong Kong citizens are not able to travel overseas. If scenic spots with special features are provided locally in Hong Kong, citizens will be able to have more choices for leisure or entertainment, and their quality of life will be enhanced. Should the space for rest in community parks be well used and integrated, the hidden local leisure, amusement and tourism development potentials could be unleashed.


Savantas Policy Institute hopes that this proposal would attract community and governmental discussions and attention so that Hong Kong people’s sense of well being could be increased and public administrative efficiency improved. We have uploaded the relevant report for public inspection and welcome comments and feedbacks.



Hoi Ki LEUNG ‧ Madison FION

“Initial Proposals on Integrating Creative Themes for Community Parks” download (Chinese text only)

“Initial Proposals on Integrating Creative Themes for Community Parks” download (Chinese text only)

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