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01 December ,2020

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From the Editor

2020 is coming to an end. In this remarkable year, the Covid-19 pandemic posed immense challenges to the launching of our activities.  Fortunately, with the relentless efforts of our colleagues, Savantas Policy Institute (“SPI”) managed to fulfill its task by completing two major programmes.

Carrying on the professional “Facilities Management” programme 9+2 series launched in 2019, the Savantas Liberal Arts Academy (“SLAA”) organized four on-line sharing sessions from May to November, 2020. Please see the designated column below for details.

In September, the Support Team from the Mainland arrived Hong Kong to assist in offering free voluntary Covid-19 tests for the public. To show appreciation to the “Mainland Covid-19 Support Team”, SPI presented “Thank You Cards” to the support team and invited members to sign the cards on 10th (Thursday) and 11th (Friday) September. Members responded enthusiastically. Many came to our office in person to send their regards.

On 11th December 2020, SPI, together with the Hong Kong Federation of Journalists, successfully organized the “Basic Law – Development and Outlook Webinar” with the support of the Centre for National History Education (Hong Kong). The webinar received funding support from the Basic Law Promotion Activity Sponsorship Scheme. Owing to the development of the Covid-19 pandemic, the webinar was conducted entirely on-line to minimize the risk of infection for the participants.

Looking ahead, we hope that with the availability of vaccines and widespread inoculation, the pandemic will be controlled across the world and life will resume normal. We are planning various programmes for 2021.  Please stay tuned.

Alex Wong

Savantas Policy Institute

Policy Director

"Thank You Card" to  the "Mainland Covid-19 Support Team”

Event Highlight
Professional “Basic knowledge on Property Management in Guangdong and Hong Kong Area ” via On-line Sharing Sessions
From May of 2020, SLAA organized successively four professional On-line Sharing Sessions for the above captioned subject. The themes were, respectively, “Basic Knowledge of Insurance Practice in Guangdong and Hong Kong”, “Basic Knowledge on Financial Management of Property Management Enterprises in Guangdong”; “Basic Knowledge on Human Resources Management of property Management Enterprises in Guangdong”, and "Property Management Techniques for Special Establishments in Hong Kong". The sharing sessions were attended by property and facilities management practitioners in Guangdong and Hong Kong, who exchanged ideas and experience enthusiastically on-line.

Basic Law – Development and Outlook Webinar
The Basic Law – Development and Outlook Webinar (“the Webinar”) was held successfully on 11th December 2020. We were very honoured to have Secretary for Constitutional and Mainland Affairs Mr. Erick Tsang as the keynote speaker. We also had distinguished guests to join the panel discussion. They include: Mrs. Regina Ip, Chair of SPI; Mr. Albert Chen, Professor of Law School, University of Hong Kong; Mr. Johnny Mok, Senior Counsel; and Mr. T.K. Lai, former Secretary for Security. The Webinar was organized to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the establishment of the Basic Law and to increase the general public’s knowledge of the Basic Law and the importance of the concept “One Country, Two Systems” and its implementation.

The Webinar lasted for two and a half hours. During the Webinar, the panelists reviewed the original intention of the establishment of the Basic Law; the relationship between the Constitution of the People’s Republic of China and the Basic Law; the formation and implementation of the National Security Law for Hong Kong; and the essence of the executive-led government. The public, media and students raised many questions on-line and generated active exchanges.

Video clips of the Webinar are now available for viewing on SPI’s website and YouTube channel. Those interested are welcomed to follow the links below:

SPI social media channel: te

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