Submission to the Legislative Council Panel on information technology and broadcasting

19 May ,2014

Huixian think tank supports the establishment of a unified ICT accreditation framework in Hong Kong. This will help to enhance the professional status of information and communication technology personnel, make the community pay more attention to this industry, and attract more young people to study relevant subjects and join this industry. In this regard, we put forward the following opinions.

We agree that the framework should be based on the following principles:

1. Voluntary nature: we understand that some people worry that the mandatory qualification structure will affect the employment opportunities of those who want to invest in telecommunications and communication technology, and some SMEs worry that it will affect the supply of human resources and increase the employment cost. Therefore, we agree that the plan will be voluntary.

2. Recognition of professional qualification schemes: in view of the existing professional qualification schemes in Hong Kong and other countries, the framework takes professional qualification schemes as recognition objects, which can not only provide a uniform reference standard for practitioners and enterprises, but also avoid overlapping with existing qualification schemes in resources, which is cost-effective, and can maintain a diversified way of qualification recognition, which is suitable for those who are not qualified The needs of the same people.

3. To be consistent with the relevant local and international frameworks: we expect the authorities to actively promote mutual recognition between the framework and relevant international and domestic qualification frameworks on the basis of this principle, so as to make qualified practitioners and service providers more widely recognized.

We also have some suggestions for your committee's consideration

1. In view of the rapid development of science and technology and the need to keep pace with the times, we propose to set up a mechanism to review and update the content of the framework on a regular basis (e.g. every three years).

2. After the establishment of the framework, it needs to be promoted to the public to enhance the professional image of ICT.

3. At the initial stage of the implementation of the framework, it needs to be promoted. Therefore, it is difficult for awarding institutions to be self financing at the initial stage of their establishment. Therefore, the government is agreed to provide operating expenses for the first three years. Thereafter, depending on the circumstances, the government may need to continue to bear part of the operating expenses.

The ICT accreditation framework is worth promoting. The government should widely consult with different stakeholders, improve the design and operation of the framework, and strive for the support of the industry and the community, so as to ensure the successful implementation of the framework and effectively achieve the goal of setting up the framework.

14 may 2014

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