Savantas Liberal Arts Academy Public Policy Study Programme Summer 2021 - Lecture 6

03 July ,2021

The sixth lecture of the "Savantas Liberal Arts Academy Public Policy Study Programme Summer 2021" was held on 3 July. Savantas Liberal Arts Academy invited Professor Joe C.B. Leung, Honorary Professor, Department of Social Work and Social Administration, The University of Hong Kong as the guest speaker. The lecture was titled "Social Security and Welfare". Participants could learn about the concept of social policy, the scheme of resource allocation in Hong Kong, current social situation and welfare in Hong Kong, and the development and reform of social welfare.

Prof Leung first introduced Hong Kong’s welfare system and various social indicators such as "Index of Economic Freedom" and "Government efficiency". He also pointed out Hong Kong’s model, including the role of the government, the idea of public finance, and public social expenditure. In addition, he analyzed large amount of data, including "Hong Kong Poverty Situation Report 2018", Gini coefficient, "Hong Kong Poverty Situation Report on Ethnic Minorities 2016", etc. Prof Leung then discussed the four pillars of social security, social services subsidized by the government and different welfare policies. He talked about the development and reform of social welfare in Hong Kong, as well as the five types of NGOs engaged in charitable relief work and the model of government support. Moreover, Prof Leung shared his views on government regulation of charitable organizations, including the regulatory system, donation proceeds and usage, and the lack of a one-stop-information platform for monitoring.

Finally, Prof Leung responded to questions from the participants on how social indicators reflect the situation of social security, standard working hours, and employment of people receiving Comprehensive Social Security Assistance (CSSA).

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