Savantas Liberal Arts Academy Public Policy Study Programme Summer 2021 - Lecture 5

28 June ,2021

The fifth lecture of the "Savantas Liberal Arts Academy Public Policy Study Programme Summer 2021" was held on 26 June. Savantas Liberal Arts Academy (SLAA) invited Mr Lau Lai Chiu, former Director of Lands as the guest speaker. The lecture was titled "Hong Kong’s Land Policy". Participants could learn about the laws and regulations related to land policies, land grant policies, the impact of social activities on land policy, and short-and long-term measures.

Mr Lau first introduced the background of Hong Kong’s land policy and related legislation such as Basic Law Chapter 1 Article 7. He cited examples of land grant policies in Hong Kong, including Lease Term Extension, Private Treaty Grants, Small House Policy, etc. In addition, Mr Lau discussed how certain social activities such as "Conserving Central" and "Revitalising Historic Buildings Through Partnership Scheme" etc. impact on land policy. He discussed short-term and long-term measures, as well as other options of utilizing existing land for housing. Mr Lau shared public comments on land policies, including high land price policy, premium assessment and private land hoarding. Finally, Mr Lau responded to questions from the participants on land supply, land sale programme and establishment of government departments related to land policy.

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