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Name and Logo

The Name

The name “Savantas” was built by combining the French word “savant”, meaning a person of great learning, with the suffix of many Latin nouns (for example veritas, caritas, pietas), to signify our accent on knowledge and wisdom. Its Chinese name 「匯賢智庫」 puns with 「匯賢致富」, meaning “congregation of talents is the source of wealth creation”. Together, they signify our vision that long-term wealth creation lies in people and in enhancing the knowledge component of our economy.

The Logo

Our logo was designed in-house with these objectives in mind. The open box signifies the motto “Think out of the box”; and the people-shaped pillars of the box signifies “People is the key to a knowledge-based economy”. The sturdy, institutionalized shape of the box signifies our determination to be a durable institution and a force for long-term change. We want to think out of the box; attract the brightest people and be a force for the transformation of Hong Kong into a knowledge-based economy. This mission requires imagination, a willingness to work hard for the good of Hong Kong and a determination to succeed. We welcome you to join us.

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